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Aishaishaa is her name. She is a student of POLSA in majoring Business Administration. If she didn’t take a break in 2014-2015 she would be in 5th semester. Due to her theraphy, she had to leave the campus for two semester. She hopes after the teraphy she can recover well and can finish the diploma program in the end of 2017.

Aisha Nuzulia Putri is her full name. She was born in Purworejo, February 27th 1994, she is a second child of Bambang Herawanto, Mr and Ary Suprihastuti, Mrs. Her older brother studies in UII Yogyakarta.

Her hobby is writing poem and reading. She also has a big passion for learning new things. On her daily activity, she also does a routine theraphy for her recovery. Also she join an English course in Solo. “After therapy, I also join an English course in Solo. I do all those things because I love learning many languages, I also have learned Japanese,but only for a year ” she said. A very passionate spirit.

Despite of her illnes, she always learns hard and struggling. She is a tough, independent, passionate and friendly. She has no feeling of insecure. She always smiles when she is with her friends. Aisha may be incapable, but God gives much more capabilities.

When she was asked why she choose Polsa? with a very bright smile she said that she was interested with Business Administration major in Polsa. In the future she wants to be an enterpreneur and she is learning all the things she needs for the enterpreneurship from major business Administration.

POLSA’s environment is a very nice and comfortable place for her. She said that all the lectures, the officials and her friends are the best. She has a very nice thought of comfortable environment “Adaptation depends on we” she said that there’s no place like home if we can’t adapt well. She feel that POLSA’s environment can treat all students the same, nice and fun.

She thinks college life is different with High School. College life makes us to be an independent person and helps us to broaden our view also improve materials given by the leacturers. While in High School, the teacher gave all the materials that student need. The leacturers said that she is a cleaver student.

Aisha’s personality is good one. She is cheerful, fun and friendly. Her activity everyday is reading and writing poem, then of course studying and doing her tasks from lecturers.

Aisha gives us new motivation to keep studying hard, struggling more and nerver give up to make our dream comes true. (CODE: DC.06.01.2016)

STUDY IN POLSA. … Why not?

       Polsa was one and only tertiary high education located in Purworejo. This vocation education was commenced it’s operation by the second half of the year 2001. In running it’s activities Polsa applied a very simple and flat organization. Since her beginning Polsa offered three study program, they are of Technic of Informatic, Accounting, and Business Administration. The aim was in order the spant of management controls were relatively more efective and efficient. The management level comprised of top managemen ie. Director, in the middle there were three deputies, and in the lower consist of three study programs chairman, four Departments Head, and Public Service and Research Unit. The three deputies were Deputy Director I, in field of education, Deputy Director II, in field of administrative and finance, and Deputy Director III, in field of students wellfair and public relation. There were four subordinate under Deputy Director I, consist of the chairmants of study program, ie. Technic of Informatics, Accounting, Business Administration and Public Service and Research Unit. While under Deputy Director II, there were four subordinate, consist of Heads of Department, ie Personnel and Secretary Department, Administrave and Finance Department, General Affairs Department and Polsa’s Computer Center Department. Further Deputy Director III, supervised seferal staffs that were assigned for student wellfair The Chairmant of P3M, run for Public Service and Research Unit The student organization exist was Student Excecutive Board. Meanwhile the student external organization was likely not properly develop as the other universities in general, it possibly because such student were busy wiith their assignment. One among many reasons was because the study duration was limited just only three years, then most of them want and try to end their time for study within three years sharply. Living and learning of situation in Campus was very condusive for all students to finish their study on time. Variuos of supporting physical evidence to conduct activities were compleeted, and all of them was perfectly functioned. Relation between Lecturers and students were very closed and favourable, so they could communicate eac ather for all purpose related to their study problems and or all abouts. (code : M.2.2015)