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PLC in a Flash

       Since October 2015, Polsa reopened an English Course that named Polsa’s Language Center, or it called as PLC. It was a few years ago Polsa had also run such an English Course that was named Polsa’s English Conversation Program, or it called as ECP. But unfortunately it was gone as it was not expected, therefore Polsa’s management decided to temporarily freeze the program. Due to global and environment changes, it is important for Polsa’s lectures and her graduates to master at least one of an international language, such as English. To realize the idea Polsa’s Management assigned, one of the Polsa’s English Lecture to re-build Polsa’s English course. The course later reborn and it is named Polsa Language Center or it was called as PLC and Pratika Ayuningtyas was appointed to be a PLC’s Coordinator. The aim the opening such a cource is mainly for escorting and improving the ability in English communication, both for lectures and Polsa’s graduates. Surprisingly, the English course reborn a positive response from the community; it was proven that many parents, employees, and students come to PLC, to see and ask for joining the PLC’s English Course. To maintain the quality and the continuaty of this Program, PLC arranged such collaboration with an English institution courses from Yogyakarta named Primagama English that was led by Mr Supriyanto. To make easier for the community and to market the course broadly, the course name used is PRIMAGAMA ENGLISH, or as called as PE. With a collaboration Fortuna’s FM-101,9 Broadcasting Radio, and PRIMAGAMA ENGLISH, they had been softly opened the course on October 25, 2015. This soft opening can be the milestone for the whole activity of course (Code : M.1.2015)